The Irrefutable Connectivity and Conscious Actions of God:

If you accept the premise that all things in the natural world are held together by unseen and yet irrefutable and irrepressible forces, then, you have to migrate your thinking to how such forces exist…and just as important…how such forces came into being.

If you accept the premise that such forces—powerful and unseen and cosmic in their reach and capabilities-have been in existence since the very origin of time itself, then, you have to arrive at the sound conclusion that these forces did not in fact: evolve.

If you accept the premise that such forces-universal and outside of the realm or comprehension of humans to make, gin or manufacture-adhere all things, then you have to arrive at the determined logic that our world and the magnitude of the magnificent galaxies thrive in their fixed orbits because of these un-build-able energies.

These irrefutable connective forces are:

Unseen and irrepressible.
Present since the very inception of time and creation.
Not the subject of evolution and do not improve.
Holding and keeping planets and galaxies in their fixed orbits.
Built upon scales and magnitudes and efficiencies which are outside of human construction or intellectual capabilities.
These irrefutable and unseen controlling and adhering connectivity powers are the very fingerprints of God. These silent movers and holders of planets and galaxies are the implacable and relentless realities that prove—without a shadow of a doubt-the very existence, mind and impressive purposes of God.

For the only tenable, reasonable, intellectually defensible and deep-logic position for the stationary, fixed and timeless quarantine of the planets and the galaxies they reside in is that God made it so. Imagine the cosmic and continuous chaos that would result if such irrepressible and unseen and divine forces were not present, active and in-force.

John starts his Gospel rendering by giving Jesus Christ, his life mentor and life-measurement the sole and sufficient and all-encompassing moniker of: Logos. John knew that in doing so, he answered in that single word the query of: “How in the world does Jupiter not collide with Mars.”

Standing Amazed in His Presence…

Dr. Steve Bonenberger