The Spoken Words of God That Usher in Tangible Touch-Stones:

Oh my but we need a Word from God. Not any old word will do. We need a vibrant, skillfully and artfully delivered and highly personal Word from God. We need God to say our name with clarity and precision and specificity. We need God to show up.

We need God to speak our name and attach something of value to it. We need God to say, “Sam or Sue, I am here. I hear you. You have been asking for and seeking _________________. Today, your prayers are answered.”

We need a positive affirmation from God. We need God to whisper tender mercies and gallant images of us-winning. For once, for one-time, for a moment, for an instant, we need God to stop the bluster and cease the noisemakers.

We need God to usher in a sense of quiet calm. We need God to answer our critics-and for goodness sakes-shut their raging and condemning mouths. We need God to speak our name, in a kind and vivacious voice and we need something of transformative power to enter under our transits as a direct result.

We need God to find us. We need God to touch us on our shoulders. We need God to gently tap that person, or those person’s shoulders that can and will directly and perfectly match up and answer our need, and say:

“Hey, send the blessings this way.”

“Send the financial blessing to this account.”

“Send the healing art and caring touch to him/her.”

“Stop the confusion in this life.”

“Restore this family.”

We need God to say, ‘John or Jill, your worries on this issue are over.”

We need God to whisper: “Jack or Jane, I heard you and here is the positive response and the direct aid that you have been seeking and pleading for lo these many years.”

We need God to open up the doors that are locked so securely with his magic: “Shazam!”

Dear Father, send such Words our way. Each and every one of us needs a direct and certifiable Word from heaven today. Each and every one of us needs a pardon. Each and every one of us needs to hear: Open Sesame!”

Each and every one of us longs to hear: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Here is a direct and verifiable representation of my deep and sincere care and certain awareness of your service.”

John said, “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.” John knew something of the touch-stone of God. John bore witness in his own life to the miraculous impact of God’s Words. All I can say is may it be so for those of us who currently toil inside of God’s vineyards in this day and hour.

Standing Amazed in His Presence…

Dr. Steve Bonenberger