Chapter One:

Verses Two Through Five:

John works in the first section of verses on pedigree. He lets us know that there are four (4) vital characteristics of Jesus Christ:

Fused with God the Father and possessing no mortal essence
Creator of all things seen, unseen-both in heaven and the earth
Source of all spiritual and physical life and cosmic light
Conqueror and commander of evil

Fused With God The Father:

Jesus Christ is twined with God the Father. Jesus Christ is eternal-meaning-his nature did not ‘arrive’, ‘evolve’, ‘improve’ or in any way face the pressure-cooker of creation. Rather, Jesus Christ and God the Father are One.

‘One’ means non-severable. ‘One’ means completely permeable. ‘One’ means entirely unknowable by human minds. ‘One’ means categorically above the thoughts, reach, understanding, comprehensions and intellectual probing of human beings. ‘One’ means God-and God-means Jesus Christ and the Father are so melded together that there is no spacing or ether possible between them.

Possessors of No Mortal Essence:

Death and mortality are unknowns to God the Father and Jesus Christ. The ‘One’ spoken of above are not subject to the natural and physical laws of death, dying and entropy. There is no-not a single dollop-of human crazed impurity residing inside of the Godhead.

That is what makes the life of Jesus Christ so utterly remarkable. The fact that Jesus Christ, the co-existent-One assumed the Robe of mortality, death and frailty is the true declaration of God’s relentless fealty to human beings. For Jesus Christ impaired his own divinity and through divine acquiescence that no one can truly grasp, took on the role of Redeemer-Kinsman for the sake of reclaiming lost and imperiled human beings.

Source of All Spiritual and Physical Life and Light:

Fatality and death are not possible outcomes for God. God cannot experience or approach death. Mortality and finite and limits are unknowns to God the Father and The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the originator and the deliverer of two essential components for all of humanity. Jesus Christ brought Spiritual Life and Spiritual Light to humanity.

Spiritual Life:

The scripture is clear: Jesus Christ is the originator of all spiritual life. The word chosen to describe this Spiritual Life is: ZO-A. ZO-A is:

  • Vibrant
  • Visionary
  • Vigorous
  • Empowering
  • Accessing
  • Knowable

Study these six key DNA markers of ZO-A Spiritual Life. The vibrancy of your life; the vision of your life; the vigor of your life: the empowerment of your life; the access to God you have for your life all come and rise from the font of ZO-A Spiritual Life.

And Jesus Christ is the fountainhead from forth all such ZO-A Spiritual Life springs forth. Jesus Christ is the sole and distinctive Source of Spiritual Life.

Spiritual Light:

There is but ‘One’ Source of and for all Spiritual Light: Jesus Christ. John tells us that, “In him is light. And that this light shines in the darkness.”

The Spiritual Light that you seek is found solely and singularly through and in the person of Jesus Christ. Seek Christ. Seek for Christ to illuminate your life. Seek for Christ to enlighten your mind. Seek for Christ to provide hope and a sense of forbearance in and amongst your difficulties. How do you do this? By asking Jesus Christ to shed his divine and radiant life into your soul, mind and spirit.

Conqueror and Commander of Evil:

John declares that the light of Jesus Christ has power and dominion over the forces of darkness and evil. The depiction of the light of Jesus Christ is of a candle that when lit inside of a pitch-black-space quite literally begins to push the darkness to the extremities of the locale. The light of Jesus Christ overwhelms, conquers and thus commands that darkness flee.

This capability to push away and override darkness and evil works into our lives in very special and evident ways. For when the true follower of Jesus Christ invokes the name of the Savior and calls forth this light, then: darkness and its companions of sadness and despair are bone-crushed. Their diminishing powers and presence are disabled. And the light of Jesus Christ settles, calms and refreshes the weary soul.

Jesus Christ interns evil and commands death to be vanished. Jesus Christ, through his light vanquishes deception and casts it to rot upon the ash-heaps of hell’s vast barren wastelands. Jesus Christ brings Spiritual Life to weary travelers. Jesus Christ brings his illuminating Guidant light to those in despair. Cling to his ZO-A Spiritual Life today. Invoke and be imbued with his radiant Spiritual Light on this day.

Standing Amazed in His Presence…

Dr. Steve Bonenberger