The Maker of All Things Heaven and Earth:

The Maker’s Mark. Every single piece of jewelry, fine china, impressive furniture, gold and silver icons and collectables, all things porcelain, fine pottery-anything of immense value-carries a Maker’s Mark. The Maker’s Mark is the sole imprint that points to authentic originality.

Maker’s Marks are registered. Maker’s Marks are non-transferable. Maker’s Marks are embedded into the very fabric texture of the created piece. Maker’s Mark legacies roam backwards into forgotten antiquities. Maker’s Marks stamp identity and identify the creative force.

Study any art-form. Examine any single piece of creative genius. You will find somewhere on the item under scrutiny a visible, evident and proud emblem that says: “I made this.”

Maker’s Marks matter. When you study creation. When you evaluate God’s handiwork. You see everywhere the obvious stamp of his imperial and creative authority. Try as the secularists do, no one with half a brain can deny the fact that God made this universe-and all the creatures that thrive inside of his eco-systems.

God’s Maker Mark is upon your very soul. The fact that you can think, that you breathe involuntarily, that your blood passes through invisible and yet highly complex membranes all indicate and point to the creative genius of God.

The Scripture is clear: Jesus Christ is the Word of God and He had a personal hand in the design and mold and cast of every, single item in creation. You and I are the apex of his creative powers. Let no one deceive you-there is not ‘evolutionary cycle’-that could, did or would have as its end product: the creation of a single, reasoning, sensible, caring human beings.

You are God’s Maker’s Mark. Your ability to reason is His visible imprint upon your psyche. Your soul has inestimable value to Him. On this day, cast your cares upon him who cares for you. The Maker of all thins heaven and earth. The Father of all human life.

Standing Amazed in His Presence…

Dr. Steve Bonenberger