Moments With Dr. Steve

“What do you seek….”

Maybe the greatest question ever uttered. What do you seek?

In the end, when you clean and swipe clear the rubble and scat from your life’s work and ambitions, what do you seek?

  • Life with God: a deeper more profound and pronounced understanding of God
  • Knowledge and Special Revelation: information and zest that only can be found, located and obtained in this province that belongs solely to God
  • Eternal life: the realized assurance that life extends beyond the mortal vale that we call death. The prized possession of life that breathes when breath ceases
  • Found co-passion-bearers: the discovery and connective tissue that binds those whose spirits and minds and hearts mirror and match and exceed—far exceed—my own feeble attempts to know and serve God
  • Mission: to unearth and then learn to lodge within the knowable and attainable powers that arrive from living inside of: The Will of God

What do you seek? What a question…what a question…




Through Gates of Fire Vol One: Wingless Flight Revised Edition


Akeldeema The Saga Vol Two: Kingdom Healers

Through Gates of Fire Vol Two: Hovering Presence


Through Gates of Fire Vol Two: Hovering Presence Revised Edition


Through Gates of Fire Vol Three: Lifting Breezes Revised Edition


Akeldeema the Saga Vol. One: Kingdom Builders


Writer's Covenant: Compositions and Compilations

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