Making The Choice Between Eating and Buying Medications:

Pinky: “What are we going to do today Brain?”

Brain: “Same thing we do every day. Take Over The World!”

World domination. Sounds so powerful. Sounds so potent. Sounds so possible. The two tiny cartoon figures set some pretty lofty sights for themselves. Not so any longer for the average, American working family. Some Critical Path Choices Rule the Day Now. Consider:

  • Purchase Food for Your Kids . . . . . . Or . . . . . . Refill Your Wife’s Medications
  • Fill Up Your Gas Tank and Get to Work . . . Or . . . Pay Your Health Insurance Premium
  • Take Money Out of Your Scant 401-K . . . Or . . . Let Your Kid’s Teeth Stay Forever Crooked
  • Tithe To Your Church . . . Or . . . Buy A Set of Tires for Your 12 Year Old Car

The list of choices are endless. The issue is that the financial capacity to pay is limited. The reasons are simple to understand. Taxation and inflation and low-wages are killing and slaying the average American family. The expansion of government and the proliferation of regulation is literally strangling the financial capacity to earn. The entire concept of ‘gain’ is now foreign.

Where does this land us as a nation? Where does this end up? What is the end game here? Clearly there are millions that are thriving. Clearly there are corporations and a coveted few that are soaring. Just as clearly there are millions that are sliding and tumbling through the once very stable social safety net. Now, many Americans are simply in free-fall.

The exceptions are those that are well-heeled. Once you come into money in this culture you turn into one of the glitterati. You buy toys. You idle your days away. You drink Scotch whiskey all night long. You slumber in hidden tree houses. You slalom across Lake Washington in your ski-doodles. You head to Mexico and live the life of the rich, x-pat.

One thing is crystal clear: you do not share your new found wealth with anyone but yourself. You care strictly for your own people. That is where The Gospel hits the mark. There are people that actually listen-in this culture-to The Gospel. There are people-in your near proximity-that actually try to make Jesus’ words come to life. I believe that God notices such people. I also believe God connects the people in free fall with those whose Gospel-infused-lives are the solution bearers.

Today starts a new life again for many people. It is so darned funny: in the end, people just want a stable place and way to raise their family and care for them + the ability to serve God.

Please help Dear Father. Bring some kind of understanding. We need to hear from you and see your face today. Amen.

Standing Amazed In His Presence….

Dr. Steve Bonenberger