“I’ll warn you it’s not a safe journey.”

Synopsis: The story of the book revolves around a remotely place and a rular place.

AkelDeema: the valley of death and sorrows, where the lead character is sentenced. This place has certain negativity and hidden dark side. This book will take you to the old journey.

The character description is done beautifully and meaningfully. I loved the character portrayal of protagonist!

The journey of jail has been described quite Beautifully and in a realistic manner.

Novelty: This book is an amalgamation of the happy and sorrow moments wich holds the capacity to have wave of emotions while reading this book.

Guesswork: The plot is something really different and new for me as well. The well polished characters are something keep the readers engage throughout without vouching what it unveil later.

Language: The language had been kept simple yet interesting at the same time. The narration has been done brilliantly in this book.

Final Call: I’ll recommend this story of hope, resilience hope and strenght to everyone out there. This book will make you feel that there is something positive in every bad person/ situation as well. It will act as an ice breaker for the mundane plots.

PS: The book of the cover is apt as per the plot. It refreshing and soothing as well.


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AkelDeema: Volume One: Kingdom Builders

This book is come as a fresh read for me and quite interesting too.

The saga rotates around a place named Akeldeema. The place of so much negative Vibes with the darkness everywhere.

The book has contains lots of emotions in it, like as hope, faith, love, inner strenght and superior power which holds the readers and delivered a smooth message to all of them.

The saga is represented in a Prodigious way by the author and the way he has done the characterization of the saga has made on sight. I really impressed by the protagonist’s attitude and behavour.

The language is quite good and very suitable according to the book. The plot really different as well new for me.


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Kingdom Builders


  • This book is revolved around a place named as Akeldeema.
  • That place has some negativity hide inside. You can call it a land of tears, sadness, sorrows & worries so it is called as “valley of death & sorrows.”
  • This book portrayed how a bunch of skilled well managed men can finish a nation.
  • No matter you are strong or weak if you have self esteem & confidence to do a work then you can surely do it.
  • An unnoticed person have some different abilities & skill set to change the whole world.
  • The book carried many powerful messages which will change your view point along with the fictional events a nation’s building & upend along with the potential attack to make it a gripping read.


  • A nice cover beautifully designed with a seashore view.
  • Writing style is apt. It is nice to read with good use of linguistic knowledge to make it a lucid read for everyone.
  • Language used in this book is a complete joy to read. It has those small small beautiful moments a book should have to keep you engaged while reading it & the way it is represented in a complete error free spotless manner it’s a reason of big applause to the author.
  • The characters are developed in a perfect manner. Author tried to keep it as simple as it could be.
  • Narration is great and well paced storyline to make it a good read.


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Akeldeema:- Volume One:- Kingdom Builders

“I warn you…this is not a safe journey”

This book contains the story of a place that is Akeldeema which is said to be the valley of death & sorrows. The place that has something sad inside itself…

As the name suggests the book will take you to the journey of olden times. It feels like a movie where you travel with your thoughts and enjoy the journey with the book.

As we all know how the most unnoticed person has a hidden ability of changing something big is what you are going to learn in this book. So many beautiful moments is going to come into this journey as well as some moments of power, hope and faith… How now person has the power to fight the battles of the place shows hope inside every person…

My favorite character from the book is Maddie. She is so hopeful, happy and believer… How she takes part in this book is also important… You gotta read the book to find that out…

The most beautiful paragraph from the book is “No matter how long it takes you to discover ‘The solve’, I will be here waiting for you.”

The story of Hope, Humanity, Abilities and Faith

“Stick and stones, may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”


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