The Sound of God At Work

Listen. Can you hear it? Can you filter out the white noise of this world that you live in? Can you quiet your mind and still your soul just long enough to hear the sound of God? This requires silence to accomplish.

God = Purpose Maker:

One of the irradiating principles of God is that God is perfect. ‘Perfect’ means complete. ‘Perfect’ means without error or blemish. ‘Perfect’ means filled and brimming with purpose.

When you look for the Source of Creation, you will find at the very heart and origin….sound. For the Scripture teaches us that God, ‘spoke’. And the world we live in and the heavens that support our globe came into existence. This sound vibrates. This sound echoes. This sound has a singular Source. This sound emanated from the mind of God.

Why do you think so many people, from so many diverse cultures, over so prolonged epochs and ages of time look to locate this vibration? The reason is because this sound exists. This sound swims throughout each and every particle of God’s creation. This sound reverberates deep inside of the human soul. But, you cannot hear or attune to this frequency when you are busied, harried and tussled.

Your Life Has Purpose:

Notice, I did not say, your life lacks purpose. Your life effervesces purpose. Your life is embedded with purpose. Your life exists because of the purpose that God implanted into your soul. What you perhaps lack is the structured time to locate this inner harmony.

God planted his purpose inside of your soul. Your DNA originated from God. Your thoughts-in part-emerge from the mind of God. Your existence burst forth from the imaginative powers of God. Your task is to quiet your life. To still your busyness. To hasten the demise of your own caldrons that gurgle and simmer.

Your task today is to sit quietly for a few minutes and ask God to allow you the privilege to hear and recognize his ‘still, small voice’. Hearing this Voice is the very sound of God at work in your soul. All good and helpful outcomes start with such seemingly timid quieting.

John declared that Jesus was God and that God was Logos. The very intelligence of God is ready to unlock pure discovery for you. Take a few minutes. Right now. Close your eyes. Calm your soul. Invoke the name and power of Jesus Christ. Ask God to speak to you-in words and images that you can comprehend-and then rise up and obey.

Standing Amazed in His Presence….

Dr. Steve Bonenberger