Moments with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-four

Through Gates of Fire – Number Six

God and Still Small Voice

Tommy finds himself, face down on a cold, marble floor in the dead of winter.

Tommy finds himself pleading for his life with a God that till this very moment – he despised and blamed for all of the shortfalls and mishaps of his days.

Tommy finds himself clutching – not to rainbows – but rather to his own falling teardrops – for some inkling of hope that his life can indeed be reformed, and then reinvented.

Through Gates of Fire – the story – begins with tragedy…

  • A young child is born to a barren couple who are nearing the autumn of their years

  • The young child is the gifted one – and has the nimbus of messianic powers baked into his very soul

  • The young child is orphaned on the third sunrise of his life – and left as discarded chattel – but for God

  • A couple who live above the orphaned child – in a worn-down and economically anemic tenement on the forgotten side of a Chicago suburb receive the knock on their heart’s door by heaven’s unseen messengers

  • The man – a wasted and brittle and caustic, hollowed out drunken swill of a once vibrant human gets the tap first

  • The tap of God – when it arrives – oh my goodness

Tommy and his journey from wasted shill to purposeful father…

  • The man gets up from his bed and heads over to the local parish

  • It’s the dead of night and the dead of winter

  • He enters into the tiny chapel of hope and feels immediately – uncomfortable

  • He hates church and priests and parishes and holy things

  • He tiptoes up to the altar and finds himself hammered by the spirit of the living God

  • His conversion takes shape and form – in the press of God – that quite literally presses his worn-out and wrinkled face into the cold marble tiles

  • And holds him captive there – till he says, ‘I Surrender’!

The power of God.

I have seen it work – both in my life – and in the lives of countless others.

The work and power of God is never convenient – but it is always comforting.

The work and power of God is seldom, if never comforting – but it is always sufficient. Sufficient and then – fully soul satisfying.

Find your way to some forgotten holy place on this day.

Break free from the bustle and hustle and the noise.

Let God then speak to you – the very fact that this piece found you – indicates that he’s indeed searching for you — and that he has something of value to say to you.

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