Moments with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-nine

Through Gates of Fire – Number Seven

What’s a Former Drunkard to Do

Post the God Encounter.

In the work that I do…

The session work – the intense internal battle scenes are so real and so visceral.

You have in the octagon…

  • The Practitioner – the one that represents ‘Healing’ and Soul-adventure

  • The Participant – the one that brings folly in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes

  • The Conflicts – large, small, medium-sized – but always consequential

  • The Others – the harmed folk whose presence is felt – but whose bodies are presently absent

  • The Soul-shredders – the internal destructive agents that by nature are relentless and constant and then – oh so caustic in their capacity to urge and nudge The  Participant to seek and do harm

This is my work.

I am not alone…

  • Pastors and lay-leaders

  • Healers and practitioners

  • Therapists and addiction counselors

  • Marriage and relationship counselors

  • Psychologists and psychiatrists

  • Medical practitioners

Et Al and on and on.

The healing community seeks to device ways to first engage these battles – and then – and this means, directly invoking the presence of God – winning some of these battles.

Tommy – the adoptive father of the baby – Flash Bastion – the messianic character – returns from his God encounter with this internal battle raging.

Soul Delight

His soul is full of heavenly aroma. He is fresh off his first – and primary – soul encounter with the living God.

His soul is brimming and then overflowing with – the froth that such encounters multiply.

But now…

He is confronted with…himself again.

He is reminded of ‘who he really is’…

  • A worthless bum – has no job, no work and lives on the borrowed generosities of those caring few who help his family – really because of the value of his doting wife

  • A penniless drunk – a man who swills vodka and gin like children eat cotton candy at fairs and street carnivals

  • A discarded one – a man that few can tolerate his stench and certainly disdain his vulgarities

He gasps….

                          “I cannot do this! I cannot care for a child”

God quiets his soul – this is one of God’s specialties.

God soon delivers to him – The Daily Code.

The Daily Code – one of my personal masterpieces.

In our next segment where we dive-deep into ‘Through Gates of Fire’ – we examine, ‘The Daily Code’.

For now, for those of you who are walking into the untilled and unknown world of ‘improvements’ – take heart!

Light then finds you.

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