Moment with Dr Steve – Number Forty-five

Up Periscope!

When you stop – and I encourage all of us to STOP! Now and then and pause – and do a self-check. When you stop – and do a self-check – you realize that in the end, the only real value in any life are then – love for our families and acts of human service.

Up Periscope!

On this day, do an ‘Up Periscope!’ moment or two…

  • Imagine you’re a submarine

  • You are fully submerged

  • You have not seen the light of sunshine or the peek of a new moon in a fortnight or two

  • You long to gain some geo-spatial-awareness

  • You range up a few fathoms

  • You hover @ ‘Periscope Depth’

  • Up! Goes your periscope

  • You pierce the surface waves and for the first time in months – you get a glimpse of the ‘real world’

  • You notice…

What might you be noticing today…

Who might need an act of service on this day…

What ways and means might you extend love to your family on this day…

Who needs forgiveness on this day…

Who needs to be extracted from an awful setting on this day…

Up Periscope!

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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