Moment with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-four

God in the Still, Small Voice

We have this belief, or at least I once did, that God is found in the extravagant.

We look at those who soar with the glitterati and wonder, ‘how in the world’…

We see opulence flowing – and mightily so – in the lives of those who hate and despise him and all that we hold to be dear, reverent and then self-evident.

And we pine and long for…maybe on this day…

God reminds that he is found – not in the whirlwind.

God insists that he is best known – not in the opulence.

God informs – that he is to be found – and best known – in those moments of closeness – where his distinct Voice – speaks authentic words – intended only and solely for our use. Use and benefit.

Seek, find, hear and heed then – that still, small Voice.

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