Moments with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-five

AkelDeema the Saga – Number Six

Friends in Small Spaces

Life has a way of reducing us.

Life minces us – even the most ardent and fruitful get – minced and chopped.

When and as, life minces and purees us – our world – our universe – vastly shrinks.

It’s the opposite of the Big Bang – it is the Grand Shrink.

Life becomes small.

Friends become – burdensome-ly AWOL – Absent without Leave.

Money – tightens.

Spiritual buddies – instantly become highly self-righteous.

Family members – grow and speak this uncomely sense of dignified resignations.


You now walk along shadowy pathways that you never once imagined your feet would trod.


You find yourself living a life – that is not refined – it is fractured.

Friends in small spaces.

The friends who find and buoy you up in these moments – and who frequent these spaces – these are then – the true companions.

Prof Tribute – AKA – Dr Alan Gnown – finds himself in a small – teeny weeny space.

He exits his life of creature comforts.

He is exiled to a land where none dwell.

He lands at a church that promises few – if zero – career perks.

He lays his head upon a pillow that is confined inside a rusted-out hull of a relic 5th wheel travel trailer – now living on blocks – and hidden behind a rusted-out, pole-barn that is the queasy and squeaky home of a tiny, forgotten prairie church.

He wakes up from a restless and fitful night’s non-sleep to the sound of footfalls.

He panics – who would know he is here?

And worse – who would ever wish to see, let alone engage with him once again?

He hears a soft knuckle rap on his flimsy, aluminum door.

He wants to shout – ‘Go Away’!

But something inside of him says, ‘let this person in’.

On the other side of the door – standing there all bundled up in her winter’s finery – is the woman that changes the course of his personal destiny.

Her name is – Dr. Madrid Castille.

Someone is knocking on your door today.

Someone sees you for who you are – and believes greatness yet resides inside of you.

Listen for the soft knuckle rap.

Feel the vibration of your aluminum door as it rattles and quivers.

Before you send this angel of mercy away – stop and pause a moment.

Consider opening the door a crack – and letting them into your world.

Angels then – do descend now and again.

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