Moment with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-six


Winning creates a different kind of feeling and sensation all together.

When people win…

  • Arrogance floods their soul

  • Protective boundaries erect to keep marauders out of the family purse

  • Sycophants fly and buzz about like flies working hard to get into the family hive

  • Opulence and this sense of holy greed shrouds and colors all decision making

  • Traveling troupes of helpers and workers move about like circus performers

  • The Big Thing – the engine and system that created – and then maintains – and then drives the wealth – is the most important element in the entire culture

  • Everyone near knows the importance and vitality of – ‘The Big Thing’

I’ve been around enough to know something about each of these driveshafts.

When you win, think once again – about those whose frailties snapped their success streak.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

Join the buzz….

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