Moments with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-five

Friends in Small Spaces

Life has a way of reducing us.

Life minces us – even the most ardent and fruitful get – minced and chopped.

When and as, life minces and purees us – our world – our universe – vastly shrinks.

It’s the opposite of the Big Bang – it is the Grand Shrink.

Life becomes small.

Friends become – burdensome-ly AWOL – Absent without Leave.

Money – tightens.

Spiritual buddies – instantly become highly self-righteous.

Family members – grow and speak this uncomely sense of dignified resignations.


You now walk along shadowy pathways that you never once imagined your feet would trod.


You find yourself living a life – that is not refined – it is fractured.

Friends in small spaces.

The friends who find and buoy you up in these moments – and who frequent these spaces – these are then – the true companions.

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