Moments with Dr. Steve – Number Twenty-three

TGOF – Part Five

An Orphan, A Drunk and a Fulfilled Lifelong Dream

Through Gates of Fire – Volume One – Wingless Flight – my definition of faith begins with a young child that is orphaned.

Flash Bastion – the messianic child enters the world on a dark and wind-chilled January night. Two nights later, his parents are killed in a tragic auto-accident.

The boy wonder – filled with intelligence and recipient of a ‘moral trust fund’ is then orphaned at age 3 + days.

Queue – A Drunk and a Woman who Wishes to be a Mother

Tommy and Mazel – there are their names.

These two – a caring woman married to a worthless drunkard fill the void.

Filling Voids

God chooses weird and seemingly inaccurate people to fill voids.

If Flash, the baby could have preselected his adoptive parents, the reasonable choice would have been – educated people of means and status – and filled with community standing.

If Flash, the baby-wonder could have had say and then swayed on his own behalf, he would have chosen a family of means and clout.

But God chose – humble people – who would do the child no harm.

But God chose – humble people – who would dedicate their days, months and hours to the care and provision of this boy-wonder in the baking and making.

But God chose – quite deliberately – for the boy-wonder to be raised in the shadows of opulence for the sole purpose of developing within his psyche – deep soul-compassion.

In days to come we drill more deeply into the character that is Tommy – the drunkard who relishes the role of Papa.

But for this day, single out your own seeming misfits and cultural and then economic misfortunes.

On the surface, they may seem gloomy and borderline cruel.

But, my suspicion is that as you dive-deeper, you begin to gain insight into the handiwork of God.

God then works – and often does his best work! With orphans, drunks and those who walk and wander through life with broken dreams.

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