Moment with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-three

Stone-Cold Truth

The stone-cold truth is that you’re a creative.

You’ve been bashed, ridiculed, mocked and ostracized.

You’ve been washed with monikers that were meant to push you to the margins.

You’ve been called…

  • A freak’n dreamer

  • A putz

  • An idiot

  • A parasite

  • A fool

  • A worthless piece of __________

You have assembled this montage and collection of work that clutters your own, and others’ personal spaces.

You have yet to find – traction.

And yet…

You plow on!


Because – and this I promise – one day – God indeed will notice you.

One day – and this I speak as prophetic utterance – your work finds an audience.

One day – and this I ask the universe to send @ light-speed – your work builds community.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

You are invited to join us and add your voice to the mix.

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