AkelDeema the Saga – the Triumphal Ascent of my Life

Literature and storytelling

  • Imagine you wanting to create stories
  • Imagine you have no idea how to do this – I mean really…
  • You are a cast-off and forgotten preacher of all things
  • You are roadkill and pond-scum
  • The religious people cast you away like one might toss a paper-foil gum wrapper out a speeding train window
  • The non-religious people think you stupid – I mean how hard is it to keep religious people happy – turns out it’s way harder than you might think
  • You are alone and submerged in the milky quicksand of your own mired failures
  • You write – this is all you have left/remaining
  • You have no other options, and your former audience thinks you the fool
  • You begin doodling and free flowing
  • You return to your journal – of many years before this hour
  • You see these threads of this character – his name Flash Bastion
  • You have no storyline – just this thread of a character who mysteriously appeared to you some 15 + years prior
  • You begin to dream and imagine and travel far
  • God starts to drop hints of a story and the fabric of a tale into your psyche
  • You begin to construct…

That was over twenty-five years ago…

Now…now, AkelDeema the Saga has emerged. In days to come, we will speak this remarkable story and look to immerse you in this treacherous and yet treasured tale of men and women who refuse to buckle. Of men and women, who see God as still very viable. Of men and women, who see the miraculous as these tiny tunnels of hope that indeed rescue this culture from greater harm.

Travel Far…