The Way Out: Life Lived on Purpose

  • Such a simple premise: your pain contains your genius.
  • Such a simple plan: 120 days of initial hard work.
  • Such a simple arrangement: recalibrate your life according to your brand of genius.
  • Such a simple scaffold: daily work + hard-wired commitments + concentrated-reflection effort + intensity scale metrics + deep-dive process immersion = Discover Your Genius.
  • Such a simple reinvention: believe the hard work positions you to catch the next wind specially designed & perhaps even sent for your life.
  • Such a simple understanding: your genius and ‘THE UGG! (Universal Genius Grid)’.
  • Such a simple premise: the genius path carries you for the remainder of your days.
  • Such a simple vision: your genius as human service.
  • Such a simple life: You live out your genius and prosper.

Sounds intriguing…