Moment with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-nine

The St. Alegis Mandated-Mission

The St. Alegis ‘Mandated-Mission’ is gaining clarity and perspective and then – local and global traction.

Our Mandated-Mission…

  • Writing and the Establishment of an Enclave – wow! This is something to be a tiny part of – and to lead

  • Healing and Personal Reinvention – to teach and work through the material(s) that I and others have authored – and built out of laboratories of suffering and intelligent learning that focus 100 % upon the reclaiming and re-routing and re-invention of human lives

  • Filmmaking and the establishment of a film—creative institute

  • Launch of One Million + Creatives!

  • This is the mandated-mission that has been placed upon me – I take this seriously…and I pursue this with vigor on each and every morning

  • Brick-by-brick and thread-by-thread – we build this with the power and resources that we possess – with the off-hope that God actually notices and helps one day

St. Alegis Process…

  • Daily activity – never a moment when we are not building + investing + refining + creating something + forming up community + supporting other creatives in their adventures/ventures

  • Daily Teaching – each day we feature one ‘chunk’ – one ‘slug’ of information – that unpacks some quality or element of creativity

  • Daily Inspiration and Daily Modeling – the work speaks – the work conveys its own message – the work is its own ‘baked-in’ curriculum

  • Process Build and Queries – we are a font of information – in that creatives gather and ponder and present and ask questions and provide supportive structure for answers and then for – continuum – that’s the key here – continuity of effort + continuum of ongoing support

  • Web-based and grounded in physical reality – the work leverages every available tool and resource

You in…

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’

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