Moments with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-eight

The Way Out – Number Ten

Ego Purge and God Sends

God sends.

Such a simple idea…

Such a poetic premise…

Such an open-ended equation…

  • Humans have needs

  • Humans are either placed in compromising settings…or humans compromise themselves

  • Pain and suffering and imbalance thwart and humble progress

  • A pox falls upon either the naughty or the naïve or the unwitting human

  • Disease and sickness and bankruptcy and emotional turbulence and turmoil follow along as companions on a morning jaunt by the seaside

  • Clinging and belligerence and even hostilities join the fray

  • Now – we have a full-on and full-throated – meltdown

  • Net results are easy to calculate – humans flee – the besotted ones find themselves – alone and isolated and even scrounging for simple provisions

  • Days and weeks and months and years – and in my case – decades of solitude ensue

  • We call this – the era of the ego purge

(We will plow more deeply and completely into ‘ego purge’ in days to come – for now – our focus is upon – ‘God Sends’).

God Sends

It is in these moments – the moments when the ugliness of our own pride and self-absorption are almost fully spent – that God Sends.

God is the sending God.

God is the healing God.

God is the moment of inspiration God.

God is the pick you up and carry you God.

God is the earnest and reliable God.

God is the ‘tested help in times of trouble’ God.

God is the placer of humans in your path God.

God is the inexplicably misunderstood God.

God is the resource bearing God.

God is the ‘coin in the fish’s mouth’ God.

God is the stretching of the arm of the withered hand God.

God is the breaker of evil God.

God is the one who recompenses evil with showering of good God.

Understanding and No Explanation

I understand evil.

I know what it is like to struggle and squirm and fight for each penny.

I know what it is like to live on the edges – and to swim seemingly invisibly in the margins.

I know what it is like to be exiled by the religious people.

I know what it is like to be misunderstood and written off as a trifling.

I know what it is like to live in solitude – not for days or weeks or years – but for decades.

I know what it is like to mine the depths of my own sorrow.

I tell you – God is the Sending God.

Your days of sorrow – soon shall be interrupted.

On this day – look to the heavens and the hills – whence cometh your help.

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