Moment with Dr Steve – Number Forty-nine

Inward Travel

Meditation and Contemplation…

These iconic and worthy practices quite literally anchor the soul.

When you ponder the levels of self-doubt, self-recrimination and self-destructive habits and patterns that this culture foists and then blooms into the lives of people – it is quite frightening.

I’m a Healing Practitioner.

I work with troubled and addled and shaken and stirred and rattled and embattled humans.

Young people – old people – middle-aged people – men – women – children – teens – married – divorced – singled – every race and ken – rich – poor – religious – irreligious – employed – idled – student – teacher – preacher or laborer.

It doesn’t matter – people find me – and they talk about the condition of their life.

I press all of them – every, single one of them – to…

  • Slow Down – pause and think

  • Breathe – I teach people how to modulate and moderate their breathing patterns

  • Sit Quietly – the key to personal growth always starts with solitude

  • Clear the Mind – the mind is cluttered these days – and it needs time to reset and then reimagine and then reorganize and then reposition its assets

  • Write and Compose – we approach writing and composition in other days – for this day – begin to ‘Capture Concepts’ and ‘Grab Big Ideas’

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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