Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty-nine

Through Gates of Fire – Number Eight

The Daily Code

Compass Headings.

Recently, we spoke of – ‘Broken or Absent Compass Heading Syndrome’.

“Broken Compass Heading Syndrome,” is something I confront in virtually every therapeutic session. This syndrome is rampant and virile right now.

How I notice – “Broken Compass Heading Syndrome”…

  • Patients/clients think in ways that don’t produce fruitful or advantageous outcomes

  • Patients/clients approach topics and settings with clouded and/or injurious opinions

  • Patients/clients dabble – often way too frequently and way too deeply – with drugs and alcohol

  • Patients/clients spend more time with screens than they do with humans

  • Patients/clients idle their days away with frivolous and harmful behaviors

  • Patients/clients flirt with fringe elements that lure them into compromised and even criminal activities

How to Fix and Repair “Broken Compass Headings”…

Seek + Find + Take – The Daily Code.

The Daily Code

  • Today – Begin with Prayer

  • Today – Give Away Something of Value and Expect Nothing in Return

  • Today – Listen without Interrupting and/or Interpreting

  • Today – Exercise Vigorously because Life is Rigorous

  • Today – Be a Propeller and Not a Windsock

  • Today – Speak with Plain Clarity

  • Today – Smile Often and Bring Cheer

I wrote those words almost 30 years ago – they are the basic premise and operating model that drives the narrative and informs the storyline for – Through Gates of Fire – Volume One – Wingless Flight.

The Daily Code is a daily flight-plan.

The Daily Code is a life-script.

The Daily Code is a series of ethical mechanics that Repair – Broken Compass Headings.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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