AkelDeema: Volume Two Kingdom Healers starts with the former United States of America in a fractured, broken, and dispatched condition.

The new normal for the remaining alive and healthy American citizens is best described by; want.

All people that survived The 2nd Big Bang now reside in need.

Food, clothing, shelter, income, gasoline, and even small twigs that might be used for kindling are all stretched thin.

Scarcity and not enough now fill each surviving family’s hourly and daily vocabulary.

Prof Tribute and his wife Maddie find themselves in, and at the very center of the rebirth of a nation-state.

The nation-state they envision is one built upon the strong premise and everlasting promise that Christ is King!

Christ is King!

And the church that Jesus Christ founded is determined to be the foundational and preeminent building block upon which the new, emerging society must be forged.

Prof Tribute and Maddie find friends and supporters…and protectors from the most unlikely of sources…

The Guild.

The Guild envisions a far different future for the now struggling American reconstruction…