The Answering God

Each of us has met this person. This person exists as both male and female. This is the person that is borne under the shining star of fortune. This person seems to saunter through life without as much as a hint or a breath of difficulty. This person does not falter, blush, or suffer from a sense of embarrassment. This person has never once experienced the sensation of an inferior anything. This person is unclouded in their singularity of mind and the deliberate pursuit and fulfillment of their life ambitions. This person is never subjected to the ambushing predators of adolescent or adult pratfalls that upend or shackle the commoner. This person skims over the top of the most tempestuous seas without ever being buffeted by a solitary wave.

This person is different from the commoner in that as the average person feels or senses jealousy and envy; they simply create companionship and esprit de corps. Where the average person struggles with something, whether it is a physical, mental, or spiritual impairment or impediment, they seem to always soar with the unfettered eagles nimbly. Where the average person has trouble and acute difficulties with bisecting the angles and overriding obstacles of life, they can skillfully and competently reconfigure every pressing issue or concern by encircling the entangled mess into the swallowing circle of hope that is by divine nature theirs.