3 06, 2015

The Maker’s Mark

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The Maker of All Things Heaven and Earth: The Maker's Mark. Every single piece of jewelry, fine china, impressive furniture, gold and silver icons and collectables,

3 06, 2015

Prologue: The Gospel of John

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A Life of Value = Balanced of Reflection and Forward-Looking-Vision Introduction: A life of value. A valued life. A life based upon and organized around your

1 06, 2015

Please Dear Father: Speak My Name

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The Spoken Words of God That Usher in Tangible Touch-Stones: Oh my but we need a Word from God. Not any old word will do. We

2 05, 2015

Music brings us together in celebration

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Swimmingly: The Delight of Witnessing God @ Work Late. The session yesterday went, swimmingly! J I luv that phrase/word. I luv it for so many