Moment with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-seven

Soul Integrity

As the days swoosh by….

As the moments arrive – and then vanish into vapors…

As time slips through your hands like water that drips through your cupped hands…

Think of your…

Eternal Soul.

I know – I know – it seems so far away.

I know – I know – it seems so – gushy.

I know – I know – it seems as if immortality belongs solely to you.

I fully grasp and understand.

But please – and this is not preaching or lecturing – believe me…

All of us possess – and this is our eternal essence – a soul.

A soul is the single, most valuable asset that any life possesses.

A soul is then – separate and distinct from a body or a mind or a spirit.

A soul is – timeless.

A soul is – immortal.

A soul is – a heavenly DNA marker.

A soul is – unique and distinct and unlike any other that might have existed previously.

A soul is – tangible.

A soul is – the divine marker – stamped upon your arrival – that sets you aside as ‘human’.

A soul is – that which all of us must protect at all other expense.

Take a moment on this day – and think about – soul integrity.

Take a moment on this day – and think about – soul preservation.

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