Learn and Earn Messages

Some takeaways…

  • Writing is a learned and ever-improving artform

  • People are starving for ‘help me! Figure this out

  • Average people are receiving messages that they find difficult to understand

  • Average people are receiving messages that they find nigh unto impossible to decode

  • Average people are swimming in prophetic juices

  • Zeitgeist moments are impaling countless thousands of people

  • Similar messages and God-encounters are colliding with average people

  • Message receptacles are dying to find ways to first comprehend the messages and then proper ways to communicate these messages

  • The Four Courses provide information portals and gateways to help average people unlock and properly communicate the messages they are receiving

I truly did not know this until yesterday. Walk into the messages that God is sending you. Do not recoil in fear.

Seek + Find + Take – ‘The Four Courses’. These are message decoders and message deliverance systems.

You in…

Travel Far

Dr. Steve Bonenberger