Moments with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-seven

The Writer’s Covenant – Number Ten

Humans and Thought Construct

As we continue our method…

  • Mondays – Biblical wisdom

  • Tuesdays – The Writer’s Covenant

  • Wednesdays – The Way Out and/or The Genius Path

  • Thursdays – Through Gates of Fire – the Trilogy

  • Fridays – AkelDeema the Saga – Vol One – Kingdom Builders

This is our structure – this is our formula – these have been the thought ladders and the literary architecture of my adult life.

On this day – we plow headlong into – The Writer’s Covenant.

Writers as Champions!

We begin by remembering that writing and reflection and personal archiving and deliberate consideration and then the decision to personally interact with and form an intelligent response to – your life! Is the foundation for all human interactivity.

If it is true – and I believe this to be so – that language is the initial and most primal and grounding/anchoring constructs of all human life.

Then, it is also true and factual – that every single life deserves to be – archived, reflected upon, processed, properly understood and then captured as divine.

Writing is your calling.

Writing and reflection are your personal summons.

Writing can – and often does – take the form of…

  • Carpentry work

  • Mechanical work

  • Architectural work

  • Linguistic work

  • Lyrical work

  • Musical composition work

  • Pottery and artisan work

  • Construction work

  • Pattern building and sewing and fashion work

  • Computer code-writing construction work

  • Large-scale and/or small-scale planning work

  • Reading and comprehension work

On and on the list goes.

Take time and study this list – it is far from exhaustive.

The one item that you will find as common and binding thread is – writing

Each of these creative activities and their cousins require humans to sit – and ponder – and doodle and noodle – and ‘sketch out’ – and think – and then attempt – and then reconsider – and then process – and then reform – and then redo – and then continue this process.

Humans are designed to build and construct – value.

And value begins with paper and pencil – or charcoal and concrete – or sticks and sand – or computers and CAD programs.

It matters not.

Humans are designed to build and construct.

Einstein once said…

   “The most important work is thought construct … .everything else comes after.”

Take time on this day.

Reflect upon your days.

Your internal compass heading pointed you to us.

Now, use your time wisely.

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

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