Moment with Dr Steve – Number Thirty-eight


Winning means you have been rejected – and then ejected – by those who simply do not have the intellectual reach, nor the moral courage to move within the realms you seek – seek and know exist.

Winning means Neverlands become Homeland for you and your cultural offspring.

Winning means you work nights – and days – and weekends – and labor long into cold, winter dawns – for the expected chance to shout – ‘Eureka’!

Winning means ‘Angels of Mercy’ shadow your every footfall – and then cup you – ever so firmly – and carry you in the palms of their ever-loving care.

Winning means a certain aura – a holy nimbus – shrouds and illuminates your effort – and informs your every movement.

Winning means you seek to snatch heavenly information – decode and decipher these immortal morsels – and then translate them into language and artforms that inform the human spirit – and inspire all who encounter your creativity.

Winning means you associate with those things that are inherently lovely – pure and then distinctly – yours in their conception – and in their origins.

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