Moments with Dr Steve – Number Forty

AkelDeema the Saga – Number Seven

Value Add of Personal Loss

Personal loss.

The atomic throw-weight of those words races @ light-speed memories of ponds and streams and oceans of our lives – that went completely – dry.

Losing Stuff

Humans tend to trend well in the ‘losing stuff’ category.

Stuff we lose includes, but is not limited to…

  • Careers

  • Dignity

  • Wealth and accumulated assets

  • Relationships

  • Farthings of emotional happiness

  • Houses, farms and fields

  • Embrace and respect of family members and former colleagues

  • _______________ (fill in the blank of stuff you’ve lost or displaced)

AkelDeema the Saga – Vol One – Kingdom Builders

Dr. Madrid Castille knocks – ever so gently on the flimsy, weather-beaten and aged, aluminum door of the ancient relic of a former 5th wheel.

Prof Tribute froze…what’s a beaten-down, forgotten, former-treasure-of-a-man to do? Who in the world cares about a former, golden-voiced preacher and university professor – who now – is forced to ply his archaic trade in a desolate – off-the-beaten-path – so-called church?

Prof Tribute decides to open that tiny door – a fraction of a quarter-inch.


With the off-hope that maybe Life! And the call of duty and personal service and restored dignity lives on the other side – and – that maybe just maybe – God once more – notices him.

Losing Stuff Means – Maybe just maybe – something of value once again shows up at your front door.

I know something about ‘losing stuff’.

I know something of dignities and bounties that race away from you – @ light-speed.

I know something – a lot actually – about indignation and the internal, raging fires it ignites – and then how it flames those embers into wildfires.

I know something about exile and living apart from human admiration, and human confidence.

I know something about how long a gestation period it takes to rebirth a lost soul.

On this day…

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Study the pattern of human rebirth through the telling of this tale of reinvention.

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