Moment with Dr Steve – Number Forty-four

Uncommon Arrogance

This term came to me in the middle of the night – it speaks volumes.

I know these people – perhaps I have bled and smeared remnants of this kind of pseudo-piety on others from time-to-time.

If I have done so – in your presence – please forgive me – I am a much better version now of Grace than previous…

Uncommon Arrogance features these harsh characteristics…

  • Brutal and unfiltered ‘honesty’ – which equates to little to zero regard for the needs and welfare of others

  • Financial brazenness – which equates to ‘my life is working – why the hell can’t you figure stuff out’?

  • God Likes Me Better n You – this is always present – especially in the most fervently religious – they’re ever aware that God is on their side – and that their ‘choices’ rain down blessings – whereas some of the rest of us walk through hail storms now and then

  • Evidence that Demands a Verdict – the real and true source of this ‘uncommon arrogance’ is the reality that bleeds through their fake ‘humility’ façade is that ‘my life works – yours should as well’

Remember the admonition then, of the Apostle Paul…

       “…always esteem others as of more value than you esteem yourself…”

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