Moments with Dr. Steve – Number Twenty-seven

Turn the Tide or Tides Come In

As we press into the creative you…

As we ponder and assess, ‘the best and brightest you’…

As we tickle and then incite, the monster you – the winning you – the solving riddles you – the cogent and clear you – the affluent you – the poised you – the confident and yet humble you – the decent and caring you..

As we gain access to, and permit expression to the ‘real you’, we turn our attention to the fact that you need skills.

Skills that others have paid long, heavy prices to earn, and gain mastery over.

Skills that you do not have to spend years, or decades figuring out.

The beauty of accumulated human intelligence is that – you can compress time frames and learning zones simply by – accessing proper information sets.

The Writer’s Covenant

So far…

  • Scenes and scenery and capturing essence in concentrated frames

  • Characters and nuanced personality

  • Dialogue and how to use this (amongst others!) device to weave tales that contain lightning strikes

  • Covenants and how the power of personal oath-making, and then oath-keeping reroutes and recharts human destinies

Today, we focus upon…resources.

My contention is that resources – especially now – are ‘at your fingertips’. Elon Musk calls this, ‘tertiary’ intelligence.

You do not have to search far, or wide – but you do need to have curiosity and then, gumption, and then an uncanny sense of ambition.

You must believe that inside of you exists – in raw and un-fashioned form – human genius. The kind of genius that resets and then redirects human destinies.

Get busy!

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