Through Gates of Fire

  • Volume One – Wingless Flight (my definition of faith)

  • Volume Two – Hovering Presence (my definition of hope)

  • Volume Three – Lifting Breezes (my definition of love)

Faith – causes you to fly when your wings have long-since been clipped.

Hope – causes you to recognize ‘otherness’ when your spark and embers no longer glow.

Love – causes your world to elevate through no known internal power source.

TGOF – start with a man, alone and long-since forgotten standing on top of a mountain – the mountain of God – and asking the existential question that Soren Kierkegaard posited nearly five-hundred years ago…

   “…if a man or woman, tests their faith to its illogical limits, will God answer in suit…”

Kierkegaard answered his own soul-riddle by declaring…

   “…faith then, is like taking a leap into the darkness backwards, and believing that God is indeed there to catch you…”

TGOF is about the faith-walk of one man, Flash Bastion, who thought the world indeed revolved around him.

TGOF is about a man who lived the perfect life – whose faith always produced positive and fruitful outcomes.

TGOF is about a man, Flash Bastion – who found himself in this breakable space, where his faith – stalled. Where his faith – no longer seemed a positive relief. Where his faith – placed him in a series of compromised life-spaces.

What is a person to do…

This journey took me well over eight years of hard toil to write and compose and then compile into a work of epic literature. I ask you to pick up a copy and read it for your own enjoyment, and then for your own faith enrichment.

What I know…

What I know is that faith causes complications.

The life of faith causes implicit and life-felt difficulties.

Faith brings us to reliance upon God via the surrender of our egos.

Travel Far