The Year You Get Back in Your Game!

Information and Inspiration Source: as in, you need one of these.

Every single intelligent person realizes that some form of personal Guidance is needed to provide the stabilizing rudder for their life. Every single intelligent person tests and samples a variety of available materials in search of a reliable source.

Biblical Wisdom as Your Guidant Source:
May I suggest that you select The Bible as your highest and best source for wisdom. The deepest and most reliant information that you can lean into rests inside of these well-worn pages.
Biblical Wisdom:
  • Jesus Christ: provides key information and narrative about Jesus Christ
  • Illustrates the mind and nature of God
  • Examines the origin of all species
  • Readies your soul for both daily living and the afterlife
  • Reminds you that you are not the center of this or any other universe
  • Shows forth the true nature of human beings
  • Calls you to seek to unearth and display the best you possible
  • Constructs relational baselines and value-adds
  • Informs all of their prejudices
  • Deconstructs egos gone imbalanced
  • Allows you a peek into the heavens
  • Shreds the common judgments that disjoint us
  • Provides the unifying and accessible Spirit Power to create ever expanding circles of care
  • Radiates hope to this collapsing civilization
  • Honors humanity as God’s highest and best creation
  • Reminds us that planet earth is not our home
More…always more. But you get the picture.
Cherish This Day!

Dr. Steve Bonenberger