The Work Continues…

Yet another kid OD’d last night. 

The work is difficult. The work is hard. And yet, the work and the effort expended for, ‘the least of these’ is valiant.

Session Work…

  • Former gang members

  • Addicts and those who would do anything to find a ‘hit’ of something – anything that buzzes them again

  • Lost and forlorn and troubled – lots of angst

  • Adopted and castaways – lots of these show up @ the place with no fences

  • Parental incontinence and really ignorance – students show up bruised by the leaky approach their parents take towards raising them correctly

  • School failures and failure in school – this is almost a constant – it really is absurd that the USA spends so much money on schools and gets such a small return on its massive – and evergreen! Investments

  • Genuinely ready – a portion of the population find themselves tiring and then exhausted with the life lived outside of the margins – these seek help and listen and then begin to reshape their days

  • Fumbled and tossed about – many of the students simply arrive as a stop on their never-ending series of carnival rides – the work becomes a place of substitutionary atonement for them in that, the place is safe, reliable and filled with caring souls

  • Religiously trained – almost all of the students have some level of religious/spiritual training – and not a whiff of this stuff seems to have taken hold

  • Disrespect that often ranges to violence – lots of these kids show up – their anger is sometimes justified, and many times hidden inside the folds of their aggressive behaviors

On and on…

No! Not one microbe of this is exaggerated or invented. 

The work is valiant.

Jesus said,

               “….what you do for the least of these, you do for me…”

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