The Gospel Of John: Number One: The Value and Importance of Beginnings

The Gospel of John:
A Life of Value = Balance of Reflection and Forward-Looking-Vision


A life of value. A valued life. A life based upon and organized around your own personal values. A life fueled by your own DNA. The Gospel of John is really a tale of two lives. One is the life of Jesus Christ. John tells the tales of Jesus Christ. The other is the hidden message and story of John’s own life. For inside of the storyline of Jesus is the woven truth that John’s life mirrored and reflected the life of the story-teller that he chronicled.

Chapter One:

“In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.”

In the beginning. When all things started. Where all things started. How all things started. Why all things started. The spark that started all things. In the very beginning: was the Word. The Word = causality. The Word = creativity. The Word = the push.

The word, ‘beginning’ has and carries this notion of force-as in creative and directive and positive force. The word, ‘beginning’ awakens the image of a mainsail that is bursting with the full push and puff of a strong and prevailing wind. The word, ‘beginning’ means that to the very edge of the extended and expanded canvas of the fully-inflated and forward-thrusting sail that the Word was present, active and @ work.

The Word imagined the wind. The Word finely designed and rightly constructed and fashioned the sail. The Word accurately placed the wind behind the sail and blew life into its limp fabric. The Word is the energy force. The Word is the creative force. The Word is the designer-force. The Word is the linkage that unites and harnesses both of these otherwise innocuous  components. The Word makes them both useful in the twining of their capabilities.

The Word is present from the very beginning. For the Word lives outside of time, space and occupies a dimension of Spirit that none of us mere mortals can ever rightly comprehend. “In the beginning, or ‘in beginning’ was The Word. And the Word was with God.

Triune and Triumphant and Resplendent:

“And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.”

Simple phrases. Simple statements of fact. No apology needed or required. No explanation or defense. No attempt to explain or justify. Simple-stone-cold-fact: when this all started, prior to the very conception of the very origins of the universe, there existed outside of time, space and occupying a dimension and scope that none of us can ever rightly conceive or grasp, there existed God. And with God was the Word. And the Word was God.

Lessons to Live By and Guidance to Be Gathered:

Start: just decide to start
Long Gestation Period: something of value has been percolating inside of your soul for a long time. Decide that the gestation period is over
Start: just decide that today is baby-step-day
Beginnings Matter: the energy required to move from passive to active can be great-or it can be greatly exaggerated. Begin means that you plot a course of action
Sit down + Take Up Tablet and Pencil + Sketch Out A Plan
Do this now-as in right now!
What did you create? What are you hidden, deep, soul-drivers?
Hidden + Deep +  Soul Drivers = Your Value System
Your Value System = Your DNA
Begin. Start. Unearth. Excavate.
Your life is in process of reinvigoration. Your outcome is to reinvent your own life. But this time, you will do so according to your prescriptions. Your life shape will be based upon your personal and well-defined prescripts. Your life outcomes will match and mirror your personal DNA.

None of this happens by happenstance or accident. Every single whit of this requires positive energy and most of all…intelligent design. Start.

Standing Amazed In His Presence…