The Four Courses

Outpace, Outspend, Outspeed, Outwork

Study the essence of your work. See yourself immersed into each category of personal action.


  • Pacing matters.
  • Outpace mandates your work and produce – every single day.
  • Imagine and construct and live into a ‘Daily Grind’.
  • Spending and investment matter.
  • Artists and artisans constantly invest in their craft and improve their craft.
  • Yesterday’s efforts always can be polished and reformatted.
  • @light-speed.
  • Your personal mantra is: “Now!” Tomorrow is a vapor and yesterday is a collection box.
  • Outwork Portfolio building happens a brick, a sentence, a graph, a prototype at a time. Refinement and honing of craft requires intelligent effort. Intelligent effort requires ongoing intelligent (re) design.
“Einstein created The Five Papers, God entrusted me with The Four Courses.”
Dr. Steve Bonenberger,
Author, Novelist, Futurist and Human Intelligence Builder.