That Awful Place

All of us have a Waterloo.

All of us have a place where we succumb.

All of us have a spot or two, on planet earth, that is by definition – unholiest of unhallowed ground.

All of us have a place where our worlds did not tumble – not even close – our world crumbled, and we watched the dust particles blow away with the south winds.

All of us have these places where we refuse to return to – why?

Because it is there, in that setting, where our feet, our minds and our souls evacuate all controls.

Because it is there that our families, our friends, our professional acquaintances, and maybe even our God – left us to hang out and dry.

That Awful Place.

I too have an awful place.

I too understand the nature of failures that run so deep, then confound and then contradict and then countermand all faith offering.

That Awful Place…

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