TGOF = Through Gates of Fire Series

Leaps of Faith

Triggered by internal unction.

Unction that is faith issues – unresolved.

Unction that is wrapped tightly with emotional barbed wire.

Barbed wire that twist and gnarl and cut deep into the sinew of the soul.

Solitary marches that land the soul-seeker in unfamiliar territories.

Unfamiliar territories that require then action.

What kinds of actions…

Unprecedented actions.

Some go on pilgrimages – seeking holiest of ground.

Some fast – seeking to unwind and quiet the inner disagreements.

Some move in frantic and even frenetic ways – bouncing ‘round like ping-pong balls on tile floors.

Some study hard – seek and sift through the oldest of lore – in search of those rare spiritual nuggets.

Some form up communities – develop communal structures that meet, and at-times (temporarily) ease the inner turmoil.

Some hoist themselves to the highest precipice they can find, or image – and decide to leap into the darkness backwards – with the hope that God indeed then, catches and nests the faith-leapers.

Flash Bastion chose the latter – he climbed the holy mountain of God – for the second time in his life – and whilst snarling @ God’s inaction in his life – leapt into the darkness backwards – believing that (perhaps!) God indeed – catches the faith-leaper.


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