Moment with Dr Steve – Number Fifty-three


As you start this day – as your sunrise wakes – as your soul seeks pinpricks of awareness – think on this day of – Telos.


Telos is then…

      “…that aim – that one goal – that defining purpose that defines a life.”

Telos is then…

     “…that one – singular – Big Thing – that becomes rocket fuel for the inner soul.”

Telos is then…

    “…that discoverable and knowable ‘true self’ that God implants into every soul.”

Telos – you have been gifted – at least one of these soul-engines.

Your task?

    “…Seek + Find + Mine + Define + Live into + Fully Express + Exhibit your Telos.”

On this day, stop.

Ask yourself this defining question…

   “…what is my Telos? Allow God to begin to send, shape and pronounce your gift.”

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

Head over to:

Begin defining and shaping your Telos – and inform us of your discoveries.

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