Moment with Dr. Steve – Number Twenty-nine

Stories and their Evolution

Stories arrive.

We – in the end – do not originate any of them.

We – never! – own them.

Always – and this is a universal truth – are gifted them – with plenty of caveats.

The caveats are many and the potholes are deep…

  • Squander – if you squander the tale, it is taken from you (this has happened a few times to me)

  • Embellish – if you try and embellish or expand the tale with your own tripe – the faucet of universal knowledge will box you out – (this has happened to me many times)

  • Failure to complete – if you fail to write the tale that is set aside as your mandated mission, and you linger and dawdle – others will step in and seize and then occupy the territory that was meant solely for you to possess – (this has happened numerous times to me)

On this day – write!

Pick up pen, paper and charcoal and ink – and start composing.

Einstein said that ‘intellectual construct work’ is indeed the most important and critical thinking work that any human can ever first imagine, and then bring into ‘the real world’.

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