Moment with Dr Steve – Number Twenty

So Good, So Far

That is the title of a book from a mentor of mine.

His name was Grady Nut.

It is an homage to this man – that I speak his name aloud.

Few remember him.

I always recall him – why?

Because he was a humorist and a humanist.

He was a funny fellow, who cared deeply about want-a-be preachers.

I was young and innocent in those days.

I believed in religious people still.

He knew something of my own – and then my young peers’ albino innocence.

He knew that we walked, and he would say this to us – right into the lions’ dens.

He told us that the gospel always created conflict.

We were young, we did not understand the magnitude of his message – how could we?

We did not understand the value people placed upon power – power that they imposed upon those who might bring a challenge to their gained superiorities.

Grady Nut – wrote a book and called it, ‘So Good, So Far’.

It’s almost fifty years since his passing.

He died suddenly in an airplane accident.

I am beginning to understand his message.

His intent has been etched upon my heart and soul.

Godspeed my heavenly friend.

Travel Far