Moment with Dr Steve — Number Twenty-two

Religious Cruelties

You know these people – the religiously upright.

Their lives, ‘work’.

Their decisions, ‘blossom’.

Their intentions always deliver profitable outcomes.

Their God always shows them only blessings.

Their money – always sufficient – and here’s a kicker – shows up either early, or on time.

Their markers – always paid in full.

Their chits – every single one of them – hit jackpots.

Their cards – always flip in their favor.

They develop this religious fervor that borders on zealot! – oozes into cruelties.


They simply cannot comprehend – struggle.

They cannot manage or tolerate – indolence forced by ineffectiveness.

They cannot budge off of their position because – well, their position has been very profitable – in every stretch of the imagination for them.

For those of us who either live or have lived on the other side of this equation – take heart – light then finds you.

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