Moment with Dr Steve – Number Forty-seven

Redeem the Time – for ‘The Days are Evil’

On this day, we speak of the transient fact – of the fading whisper – that we are yet alive.


Of course – the days we live in – are coupled with and dripping with untold evil.


Of course – the days we live in – are trampling all things that we hold dear and sacred.


Of course – forces of the evil one – oppose our work and do so with vigor and might.


Of course – our resources are limited at best – and trimmed in their capacity.


Our days – and our efforts – and our imaginations – and our creativity – matter.

On this day – pick up your axe and harness the plow-horse once more.

On this day – break and till some ground.

                        “…Redeem the time, for the days are evil.”

We are building a ‘GCC’ – a ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

You are far from alone in your toils.

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