Prof Tribute

How do you measure the value of a man?

Do you measure a man by his victories?

Do you measure a man by his defeats?

Do you measure a man by the size of his wallet?

Do you measure a man by the volume of his gained and held assets?

What happens when a man is strip-mined of all victories?

What happens when a man is sidelined by others’, and then his own frailties?

What happens when a man finds his life emptied of contemporary value?

What happens when the only options a man has left are found at the intersection of bleak and barren boulevards?

Prof Tribute was a man in full.

Prof Tribute was a man enriched by his intellect and lauded by his peers.

Prof Tribute was a man highly sought after for his ability to add value.

Then, poof!

In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, his world did not collapse, it exploded.

Lights, cameras, action – he is removed from the common culture.

He is sent into exile – an exile that seemed interminable.

God then captures the broken and reeling soul in his greater purpose.

God always captures the capable into the netting of his greater purpose.

God sends Prof Tribute to the one place on earth he vowed never to return.


AkelDeema – the place where none dwell.

Take the journey with me…

I warn you, this is not a safe passage.

Travel Far