Through the Gates of Fire: Volume 3, “Lifting Breezes”


Through Gates of Fire series with volume 3: Lifting Breeze

Dr. Flash Bastion, the once prominent member of the Christian world and steadfast force for good, has taken his sabbatical. He has completed his time in the wilderness. He now searches for redemption. He is ready to return to the garden. When the Ruling Junta mandates that sensors be implanted into the hand of every citizen, Flash repudiates. He seeks out his roots, those from his youth who cultivated and molded his once unshakable faith. Amid the apparent muck and mire of a shantytown, among the fringes of society, the Force of Five is reunited and together they determine to bring good back into the world.


When Flash entered the small canvas tent, he counted five aluminum framed pleated lawn chairs inside. Three of these were occupied. Flash began to weep. Standing to their feet and embracing their brother and father of the faith were Jake Herald, Mosha Hammond and Carlos D’lagato. The Force of Five was once more assembled, in full strength and in one place at the same moment. These five men were the force of resistance that would not be reckoned with.


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