Through the Gates of Fire: Volume 2, “Hovering Presence”


We pick up with the spellbinding Through Gates of Fire series with volume 2: Hovering Presence.

Dr. Flash Bastion, a once prominent member of the Christian world, has fallen sharply from the consciousness of man via dubious means. Flash wanders aimlessly and determines that if God is finished with him, then he is finished with God. After an encounter with death itself, Flash decides it is time to get back on his feet, to attempt a glorious return to his garden of delight.


In a discordant and multi-lingual utterance that sounded like a bunch of cattle scratching on the top of a concrete table, Babel reversed itself. With a hundred different languages and a thousand different dialects, the disconnected voices all became one voice. In blurring and indecipherable unison, the peoples of the world declared:

‘We will! Abolish all forms of physical currency Install a cashless universal currency and accept The Integer Unite all former adversarial armies as a permanent Peace Keeping Force Absorb all former nation-states and re-form them as The One Nation Grant The One Nation all policing and enforcing authorities Establish a global head tax upon everyone who occupies space and consumes One Nation resources Replace where possible corporations and for profit companies with non-governmental organizations Create a separate and distinct warrior class to keep us secure Defer all future disputes to the provincial judiciary of The One Nation Implant CHIP into every man, woman and child who breathes in The One Nation.’



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