• Seven Life Lessons – 7LL…

    “Seven Life Lessons – 7LL – imagine Compass Headings – look to Polaris Points – think about what brings – and then keeps – Light! And – Life! In a person’s personal world – that is what 7LL is all about – providing Guidant Light and Life Pinpricks of Holy Light – that bring hope and illumination into worlds that have turned murky.”

    Travel Far

    Dr. Steve Bonenberger

  • Does God see me? Why does he keep me in such permanent and powerful exile? Why does he not send along immense and abundant resources and cash flow? Where are the armies of angels that are supposed to be ready to respond to my beck and call? Suffering: which brings me to the topic of suffering. I truly despise suffering. The number of people that slipped through the so-called safety net grows geometrically. The numbers do not lie. The reality of street tribes also grows daily. I see them. I live at ‘street level’. I see, smell, hear and obey the streets now. Donnie Angel once accused me of not understanding the average person. No longer is this the case. I live at street level. I drive on the streets. I know the neighborhoods. I see the people. I sense risk. I pursue each day with a passionate caution that I never knew before.
  • AkelDeema: Volume Two Kingdom Healers starts with the former United States of America in a fractured, broken, and dispatched condition. The new normal for the remaining alive and healthy American citizens is best described by; want. All people that survived The 2nd Big Bang now reside in need. Food, clothing, shelter, income, gasoline, and even small twigs that might be used for kindling are all stretched thin. Scarcity and not enough now fill each surviving family's hourly and daily vocabulary. Prof Tribute and his wife Maddie find themselves in, and at the very center of the rebirth of a nation-state. The nation-state they envision is one built upon the strong premise and everlasting promise that Christ is King! Christ is King! And the church that Jesus Christ founded is determined to be the foundational and preeminent building block upon which the new, emerging society must be forged. Prof Tribute and Maddie find friends and supporters…and protectors from the most unlikely of sources… The Guild. The Guild envisions a far different future for the now struggling American reconstruction…    
  • “…the release of past hurt, trauma, injury, wrong through the interventive and soothing power of God’s direct actions – on the behalf of the harmed human.”
  • "Moments with Dr Steve -- Volume One -- Travel Far, " is a glance into the heart and soul of a writer. Writers are people that receive messages -- and then have the mandate to properly record and chronicle those cosmic truths.   Dr. Steve Bonenberger has been writing stories and tales for over forty years. We thank you for taking the time to peer into the heart and soul of one person who has dared to see life as a series of reflective moments.
  • The AkelDeema Saga:The Prequel: Planet Creche: The Monumentas MythWritten as an epic poemThis is the creation storyIntroduces planet CrechePlanet Creche houses, “Righteous and unknowable fire.”Planet Creche is a retelling of the first six chapter of GenesisStarts with Ex NihiloWorks through the Arrival of Adam and EveRecants the Fall of HumankindConcludes with the arrival of the Nephalim
  • The United States of America has reached a place of great fragmentation in every realm of life. Families are in distress, and millions of Americans are uncertain about their economic, spiritual, and relational futures. Communities are in transition, and the Christian communities of this great nation are no exception. In a 2018 report written by Joshua Crossman, The Pinetops Foundation revealed that “Even in the most optimistic scenarios, Christian affiliation in the U.S. shrinks dramatically… over one million youth at least nominally in the church today will choose to leave each year for the next three decades. Thirty-five million youth raised in families that call themselves Christians will say that they are not by 2050.
  • The Writer’s Covenant: The Writer’s Covenant is the definitive work on ‘how to build a compelling creative piece’. It is also a requirement for all writers and creatives to know and master and refer back to for both inspiration and Guidance. The Writer’s Covenant:
    • Reference Guide: provides a wide discussion range for writers to return to when in need of inspiration and Guidance
    • How to Manual: it provides a step-by-step model for how to advance a creative work
    • Character Development: provides a careful and analytic discussion of how characters can be formed up and mashed up
    • Conflict: dives deep into the impact and progressions that conflict make and how to inch or race these along
    • Evil: plumbs the depths of evil and provides a template for how to rightly capture and properly present and wield this force
    • Goodness: shows forth the expanse of goodness and the “Beyond Further” power and empowerment that goodness exacts and imparts to transform the drag of evil
    • Defining Work: provides the writer the capacity to build proper retentive definition for their work
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