Moment with Dr Steve – Number Twenty-three

Orphans in the Window

Men and women are orphaned now.

Relationships have either not been a consideration, or they have snapped!

Single and solitary people roam about the avenues.

You see them…

  • Strolling along the causeways

  • Pushing baby-carriages

  • Walking their dogs and picking up the poop

  • Sampling the melons in the produce department

  • You do not see them in church very often – sitting alone – in a church pew – now that is a hard thing

Orphans that window shop.

Orphans that wish for companionship – and dare we say the word – intimacy.

What in the world happened?

On this day, seek companionship.

Step outside of your discomfort and ask someone to coffee.

Join the ‘GCC’ – the ‘Global Cultural Conversation’.

We care and we believe that humans need interaction – and then community in order to thrive.

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